The Aim of Al Ihsaan

To bring back the natural healing ability of the human body and support this healing process with wisdom. Modern Medicine aims not to support the body’s own healing ability but to bypass or replace it, this is the meaning of allopathy and it is the foundation of modern medicine.


Modern medicine seeks to replace, control, suppress or eliminate body cells, tissues, organs and processes if they are not functioning properly instead of seeking to assist, support, balance or repair body cells, tissues, organs and processes that can result in the healing of the patient.

Integrative Health Solutions, Hijama Cupping Covering Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

Welcome to Al-Ihsaan, one of East Midlands leading provider of Integrative Health Solutions, Hijama cupping and alternative treatments. Our healthcare consultants have nearly 30 years’ experience within the medical field in addition to having over 10 years working within alternative therapy field.