Effective Cupping Treatments: Our cupping therapy treatment targets painful areas, with our therapists placing a cup on the affected area. We offer four types of cupping treatments, these include:

Dry Hijama: One or more cups are placed on the body with suction for up to half an hour.

Dynamic Hijama: Oil is applied, which allows the cup to be moved over the body with suction. This is more effective than a massage.

Wet Hijama: The same process as dry Hijama, with small incisions made under the cup to extract toxic blood.

Fire Cupping: Different special glass cups are placed on different parts of the body using a flame to create the suction.

It is useful to relieve stress and tension build up in muscles after an intensive workout at the gym or sports.

Release Blockages
A benefit of our Hijama treatments is that it’s effective in relieving energetic blockages. Skin discolouration may occur, but it’s an unpainful part of the healing process. All markings are appropriately sanitised and dressed if needed, and once cleared the treatment may be repeated.

Preparing for Our Hijama Treatments
We advise all customers to avoid eating for up to three hours prior to your treatment, as well as the consumption of healthy foods 24 hours prior and following the treatment. We also advise you to complete all your errands, allowing you to rest following your treatment.

Preparing Your Body
We advise that all customers shaved their treatment area before the procedure, as body hair may prevent the cups from providing appropriate suction. Additionally, we advise you don’t shower before the treatment, with our practitioner taking your full medical history before the treatment takes place.

Aftercare Essentials
Following treatments some of our clients can feel very tired, it’s important to rest following your treatment to ensure you feel replenished. Ensure you remain warm without exposing your treated areas to the wind, water, or cold weather. Additionally, you should have a warm shower, eat after showering, and refrain from marital relations for 24 hours.

Nourish Your Body
When it comes to eating and drinking following your treatment, we recommend you don’t consume meat or dairy products for at least 24 hours to ensure your body has the energy to rejuvenate.

We also advise you to refrain from drinking coffee, tea, and fizzy drinks and drink plenty of fresh fruit juice.