The aim of The Hijama Clinic at Al Ihsaan Health is to bring back the natural healing ability of the human body and support this healing process with wisdom.

Modern Medicine aims not to support the body’s own healing ability but to bypass or replace it, this is the meaning of allopathy and it is the foundation of modern medicine.

Modern medicine seeks to replace, control, suppress or eliminate body cells, tissues, organs and processes if they are not functioning properly instead of seeking to assist, support, balance or repair body cells, tissues, organs and processes that can result in the healing of the patient.


The fundamental differences between Islamic Medicine and Allopathic medicine(Modern Medicine): Islamic Medicine seeks to use invasive and strong medications only as a last resort.

First we use safe, simple remedies and lifestyle advice, we take the time to understand what is causing the illness and we take the time to advise the patient of this.

The second is that we believe in creation, not evolution so we understand that every aspect of the body has been created in what Allah Himself refers to as ahsani taqweem, we therefore are reluctant to just remove or cut things from the body with the premise that it will cause no harm, except in the case where there are no alternatives.

ability to heal yourself

The third is that we believe that Allah has created the body with the innate ability to heal itself, so we work to support this function, not to replace it. A confirmation of this is that when a person is sick they will incline to that which is useful for their health.

This is the reason that we find the Nabi of Allah (SAW) has said to this effect that give the patient what food they ask for. We know that foods have a certain taste and function and a person will incline towards that taste or that food which has the function of healing their present illness provided that the food or taste is in itself healthy.

The aim of Islamic Medicine is to take the good and use it to the benefit of mankind. The Nabi (SAW) has said in a hadeeth to this effect that a Muslim takes wisdom from wherever he finds it so the principle of taking the good and what is in conformance with nature from what is available to us in western medicine or any other system for that matter applies here as well.


For this reason we adopt and encourage the aspects of allopathic medicine that are effective especially in the case of serious infection, life threatening injuries, cases of chronic degenerative disease that have gone past the point where it can be reversed with natural medicines and cases where surgery is the only option.

The best practitioner will always be the one who makes the most duaa for their patients. By doing this you are admitting to Allah that you cannot cure, you are admitting that Allah is the One who cures. Because of this fikr (concern) and duaa Allah will grant cure to the patient Insha’Allah. At Al Ihsaan Health we hold firmly on these principles.